Somehow I”m still debating my blogging decisions.  I decided to use the Riceball Mommy blog because I really like the Riceball Mommy name, and I like being able to use Mini Riceball.  Of course now I’m second guessing it.  Maybe I could still write about everything on my this blog and use my name. I could probably still use Mini Riceball, and could probably even tie in the whole riceball thing too. I’m not sure now. I even joined a blogging event thing that I’d have to change my link for now. Arg.

I just imported all my Riceball Mommy blog posts and I’m playing around with this seeing what I can do to make this work better for me. I am playing with themes and headers right now.  I have a default header in place right now but I think I like the theme.  I could probably do something really interesting with the header.  I’m not sure.  I want a place to blog about everything, homeschooling, video games, knitting and art.  I don’t want to create a strict art blog though because then I seem to neglect that one.  I also push myself to hard to update it. I’d like the blog I use to reflect well on me professionally but also to still be personal.  I’m just unsure.

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Leia Hat (2)

I finished one of the buns for Mini Riceball’s Princess Leia hat yesterday.  I altered the pattern again. Rather than knitting the tube on straight needles in sheet and then sewing the seam; I cast on in the round and knit for about an inch or two before sewing up the bottom.  After sewing up the bottom I added stuffing gradually as a knit.  So that by the time I cast off I had the whole tube stuffed.  I think it went a lot faster this way, I skipped the seam sewing and the stuffing happened as I went. I also like the look that I got out of it too an I didn’t have to worry about hiding a seam.  Right now I’m waiting for more yarn to come in because the small ball I have left doesn’t look like it will be enough to complete another bun.  I’m thinking of doing another hat but with the braid.  I may make that one a Christmas gift hat.  Still not sure.

Today since I’m waiting on yarn and for my another coupon so I get the next set of circular needles I need for hats, I worked on birthday crafts. I put together the birthday banners and cupcake toppers for the party. 

DSC00673  DSC00676


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Leia Hat (1) I’m working on Mini Riceball’s Princess Leia hat. I’m using the pattern from the Knits for Nerds book.  I noticed a small mistake in the pattern but was able to figure out what it should of said and adjust for it.  I also slightly adjust the decrease just because I thought it would better.  I did miss a stitch when I was casting off but was able to sew it back in to the top.  It doesn’t look that noticeable.  You’d really have to know what you are looking for to see it, it’s not super obvious.  Though it does drive me a little bonkers, I have this obsessive need for everything I knit to be perfect.  I thought the hat was a little small and would have made it longer than I already did.  I ended up giving an extra half an inch to the length, would have given at least a full inch or more extra. MIni Riceball says it’s perfect though. So now I have to start working on the buns.  I think I’ll look for some stuffing today.  I want to alter the bun tubes slightly to be tubes rather than flat that you stitch.  I’d like to just not have the seam.  Though I think I may have to stuff them as I go.  I’m not sure though.  To me it seems like it would be easier to knit in the round than it would be to stitch the seam after.
I may need more yarn and if I do I’ll order some superwash merino too.  I had an allergic reaction to the Lion Brand kind, so I’m curious am I allergic to all superwash merino or just Lion Brand. I’ll use it for a Christmas gift hat (for an adult) that way if I’m allergic someone still gets a great hat.  I know I’m not allergic to Wool of the Andes now.  That worked out great, I think it’s softer than the reviews I was reading said too. I really like the feel of this. I wonder if the superwash effects the yarn at all, do they treat it with something that I could be allergic to?  I’m also going to be trying out a wool blend after Christmas for a hat for me, so another chance to see what I can handle.

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My math stress is mostly resolved. I have listed Math in Focus on ebay; I’m hoping that sells, though I am resigned to the idea that it might not. I ordered Calvert Math from ebay, just the text book and workbook no lesson manual but really I’ve only been using the manuals to get page numbers lately.  Now I can just go in order with the book. We’re also going to try Beast Academy, so we’ll be trying our hand at doing two math curricula (there is no way to make this plural and make it look right to me) at once. I think we’ll start with 3a even though it looks like we could start with 3b only because it looks like they handle somethings differently and a review is always fun.  I’m excited about Beast Academy because it looks like it handles some equations like I was already rewriting them.  Which is great because I had the fill in the blank (ie, 3+__=6) I would rather do 3+x=6, to me having something to solve for just makes sense. One of the pretests mentions distributive property which I know we haven’t covered yet. So all very exciting.  We’ll still have access to all the Calvert Math games, and if Math in Focus doesn’t sell I’m keeping the punch out manipulatives and donating the rest.

I finished my third Christmas hat this week.  I’m feeling very accomplished and I updated my Ravelry with the photos.  I ordered Mini Riceball’s comic con/Halloween costume and the yarn I need to make the hat she needs.  The yarn should be here tomorrow and then I can get started on her hat.  I have one more circular needle to buy and then I’ll be able to start the last hat pattern.  Then I’ll go back and start doing each pattern a second time, unless I pick up the yarn for the boy’s hats. Then I have another a pattern I can throw into the rotation. The three hats in the photos also represent the three main colors I’m working with for my feminine hats. I may try and see if the super small balls of left over yarn could possibly make another hat.

Finished hats:

Christmas hat (1) Christmas hat (2) Christmas hat (3) Christmas hat (3a)

I keep telling myself I’ll work on my drawing too, but it’s not happening tonight.  I’m really hoping for a better photo, zooming in doesn’t work out with a low resolution.  Though it’s workable.  Mostly I think I’m just stalling because I was having trouble. I do keep looking at now though and thinking it looks great, so my confidence is building I’ll probably try to a do a little more this weekend.

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Math stress

I am having this internal battle right now.  I know that maybe the math we have could work out.  If we just come back to it tomorrow and try again.  But the anxiety has me feeling like I need to fix this now, I should list it for sale on ebay and try something else.  Of course right now it looks like I’m running out of something else though.  The regular Calvert Math also switches to a hard cover text book this year.  Which is a big part of the Mini Riceball anxiety, and we’ve tried samples of some other kinds of math and they didn’t work out.  Also not to mention that buying Calvert Math it self is a bit ridiculous now, since the price increased so much.  I don’t know math is going to need to change again next year even if we stick with Math in Focus since the price has gone up it’s not feeling worth it anymore.  I need to explore other options.  Maybe I should see about picking up some review workbooks, while I figure this out.

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I’m going to be taking down some art work on my site.  I may take down some older work and take down some successful work.  I’m going to slowly start working on taking away all non-colored pencil I think.  Unless I go back to working with charcoal and pencil.  Some things just don’t need to be up.

I finished the first of the Christmas hats, I’ll need to do at least 8, maybe 9.  So it’s good that I’m starting early I have a few patterns to work with.  I’ll probably end up making one or two from each pattern but I’ll make them different colors.  I have enough needles for 4 different patterns and I can work with that but I need all the needles for the more masculine hats I want to make.  I took me less than a week to make one hat so I have plenty of time to pace myself and take my time on it. For the next few days I’ll probably take a break from knitting and focus on my drawing.  The hand I started doesn’t look too bad, I just need to get back to work.

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Inspiration frustration

I really don’t understand why I couldn’t have found inspiration in a photo that had faces.  Faces are easy, there’s a clear starting point, and a easy way to measure and get the rest of the proportions right.  With hands there’s not clear starting point.  Hands are challenging.  Hands are weird but of course that’s what I’ve got here.  I really want to draw this, so I’m going to push through.  Hands may be challenging but I could use the challenge.  Besides the lace pattern next to those hands is another challenge.  Now if I can just get the hands right and convey that same emotion that I see in the photo, it will be awesome.  I really hope I can do this justice, and in fact add something to it.

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