Organizing my reading

It looks like a few of the series I’ve been reading are having new books out soon.  I feel like I’ve lost track of several of the books I’ve read, so I decided to create a Goodreads account so I can keep track of what I read.  I have a Shelfari account, but I have neglected that for a while.  I like the set up of that over Goodreads, but Goodreads seems to be where a lot of people are.  I’m hoping seeing it pop up so much will remind me to update when I finish a book.  Of course I never looked at either as a way to help remind me what I’ve read in which series.  Maybe I should make a shelf for each series I’m actively reading.  I like the idea of the recommendation page, even though right now I’m only using it to remind me of the books I did read but haven’t added.  I need to make more time to read.


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5 Responses to Organizing my reading

  1. sellskate says:

    I need to read something other than a manual, but I just can’t pick out something. What series are you reading?

  2. riceballmommy says:

    A bunch of mystery series. The Charmed Pie Shoppe, Kelly Flynn Mysteries (knitting themed), A Portrait of a Crime, Kiki Lowenstien, and both of Juliet Blackwell’s current series. Right now I’m going to try to finish The Hobbit and I just realized I lost track of the one crochet mystery series I was reading. I was reminded of it when one of them popped up on Goodreads.

  3. sellskate says:

    Thanks! I’m going to check those out.

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