Keeping it up

(11)I worked on this again tonight, no major accomplishments but I did start working on the second figure.  I may switch to my painting in a few days I’m really itching to paint again I also have to resolve what I’m going to do with the background. I just noticed that I need to darken the one cheek a bit, it show as much shadow as I need it to.  I think that will help give more dimension and the right cheek is looking less massive now that I have some distance.  I had to stop working tonight because I’m feeling a bit distracted and I got a bit overwhelmed working on it. I’m trying to add some more color to the shadows.  I still have trouble adding black, after going through high school with it being outlawed from our paint palettes.  I was just thinking too about how I used to go overboard with color and had a hard time getting skin tones.  Now I kind of want to explore that colorful aspect again in my work. I really want to finish my two in progress works but I may start a third before I’m done.  Maybe something quick just a few hours maybe set myself a timer and be done when the alarm sounds.  It will be an interesting experiment.  Who knows maybe I could do one of those 30 day art challenges that way.  Start a piece in a time limit each day and just finish when the timer goes off.



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