Working again

DSC00564 DSC00566 DSC00567 DSC00568Though this time I have no updates about my drawing or my painting, and that’s ok.  I’m trying something new rather than working on one thing until it’s done and then moving on to another I’m allowing myself to have multiple pieces.  It’s great because I can finally act on the inspiration I’ve had in my head.  Especially since it expanded tonight. I prepped some canvases.  One of those will go to Mini Riceball we’ll be doing some mother/daughter painting tomorrow.  I took a photo of the fish in Swimming in Emotion because I’m not happy with the face but I love the fish.  The fish connects to a memory for me.  So I’d much rather see it represented in something more.  A better drawing, a better painting maybe a mixed media collage. I also had an idea to use the silhouette after I cut it out.  I may play with it tomorrow.  I also have a bunch of reference photos that I need to edit, and sort.  I’m excited about the work I’ve done tonight even if I don’t have much to show for it. Also I opened my supply box for the first time in awhile and I completely forgot about some of the supplies I had.  It’s been too long.  Tomorrow I’ll be working in paint though so they’ll get some use.  Maybe I’ll work on Baby Penguin too.


I’m still not sure how to handle the whole blogging thing.  I post a lot as Riceball Mommy online, in forums, blogs etc.  So it’s hard to walk away from that blog. But it may be that I just need to keep Riceball Mommy in the forums and use this profile more.  I’m still not sure. I could just as easily change a few links and start using Riceball Mommy full time, maybe just change the banner.  This is probably the best option for my art.  It is a lot of website editing to change this, also the web address here already matches my business cards.  I’m not sure if I’m ready to give up on my other blog though.  Maybe I’ll keep them both for awhile though.

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