Moving forward


(12)My art is creating some beautiful that I love just to erase and do it over again.


I get anxiety in the anticipation of working. Working on my drawing fills me with stress, I’m striving for perfection but I need to just move forward. I’m filling in more of the face, my back aches and I’m uncertain of the second figure’s nose.  Though in the photo it doesn’t look that off. I’m just now figuring out what is holding me back. I’m afraid to fail. If I don’t finish I might as well fail though. I’m also going into some new territory which I’m excited about. I’m hoping to get some new reference photos myself of different people in person soon.  I want to work with different people.  I haven’t done a self portrait in while either but I think I’m going to do some small ones soon.  I want to do some small quick work, and I’m trying to think through the paintings I have started.  I may do some digital sketching soon with my works in progress. I need to adjust some things on this drawing though but otherwise I’m liking the progress.  I’m not happy with how slow it is going but my anxiety is still there.  I need to push through it.  Finally the ideas are coming again and I need to embrace some of those. I need to get some supplies.

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