(13)It has taken me forever to get here but I’m finally progressing on this piece and I’m feeling really good about it. I got a good bit sketched in today, and I have the dimensions mostly finalized.  I like figuring out the dimensions after I start working though that really doesn’t lend itself well to canvas work.  Which is the dilemma I’m having with Baby Penguin.  I don’t just want to extend beyond the frame with that.  I want to find a new way to fill that space. I added some more shadow to the left side of the cheek but I don’t think it’s fully reading as there in the photo.  Maybe I need to go back in and darken it a a bit.  The right side of the face looks great I just need the left side to match it.  I need to finalize a bit more the second figure but at least I got a bit more sketched in.

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