(15)I was able to get some more filled in and the photo isn’t too bad I am getting a bit of glare on the top but it’s mostly accurate. From a distance the ear looks better than I thought.  I haven’t been working that long on it tonight but my hand is cramping and my supplies are low. I’m starting to itch more to work on Baby Penguin. I may set up my palette tonight.  I may finish the face before I start exploring the background. I don’t experiment enough.  I get afraid of messing up something good and then not going for anything new.  I’m breaking from that with Baby Penguin.  I like the face but I can always take a photo of the face and make a print of just that if the greater part of the composition doesn’t work out.  I could also eventually experiment with cutting up canvas for a collage.  I already cut up a drawing so I have a piece of another that I could add to it somehow.

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