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I retook some progress shots of Baby Penguin and the other piece I’m working on (haven’t thought of a title yet). I’m happy with both so far thought I am a little lost when it comes to baby penguin.  I’m not sure how to progress from here.  I like it but the background has me at a loss.  It’s also my first painting in forever, and I really like how different my painting style is from my drawing.  It’s more loose and the color is more vivid or maybe that’s what I’m going for with this painting.  I’m not exactly sure yet.  The more I look at the dark area where I wiped away the paint the more I think that may make a good background.  Kind of a blend of the black of the costume and the darkness that is actually in the reference photo.  Of course I’m also lost because my reference photo was limited so now I’m just filling it in on my own. Which is new for me.  A lot of that painting is new for me.  I have another idea for a painting I’d love to start, but I also really want to get back to my drawing.  I only have one drawing board right now and I’d like to start a new colored pencil piece.

I’m only wanting to work on another painting though because I have the paint on palette and I don’t want it to try out.  I should probably work on my drawing tonight though because I want to.  I should follow my instincts and my passions.  I can’t make this “work” again.  I need to push myself to keep going but with out taking the joy and passion of the equation.

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