(17)I’m finally back to work on my drawing I feel like I’m mostly done with the first figure I might need to clean up a few things in the neck but pretty much solid now, I need a bit more blending in a few areas.  Shouldn’t take long for that.  I’m starting to devote more time to the second figure.  The shadow on the right side of the forehead is not dark enough but otherwise I’m mostly happy with it. I also finished filling in the hat.

Right now I’m a bit conflicted over my painting.  I like it, on it’s own.  Compared to my other work it doesn’t fit.  I don’t like how it fits in to my site. I probably shouldn’t have put it up but right now it feels like a win to have something completed and up.  Maybe when I finish this, I’ll take it down.  Or maybe I’ll rework my site.  Changing the site is a lot of work that I don’t think I’m ready to invest right now, though.  Especially just for one painting.  I don’t know maybe painting is not my thing.  I have a ton of canvases and a beautiful wash that I really want to use.  Of course I have a piece of an older work that could itself to a future collage. I’m also starting to wonder if colored pencil would work at all on canvas.  I used canvas paper once for a drawing but I had a hard surface under it. I suspect canvas would have to much give.

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