Finished painting

10Baby Penguin is finished, when I took the photo I wasn’t sure but now I’ve sat with it for a few days.  I’m relatively happy with it.  I got to experiment with it. It also didn’t take long to finish.  Right now I prefer my work in colored pencil to oil paint but I still think oil painting is worth doing.  It’s fun, and I take a bit more a loose style.  I work much faster too so it’s nice to just be able to say I’ve finished something.  My drawing is still a work in progress.  I’ve let a few days lapse without working, and I did get fixated on this too.  I’m hoping to get some more work done tonight and I’m hoping to get into a new drawing soon.  I’ve found some inspiration and I’m very excited.  I’m also soon going to start looking into new possibilities of models soon. I have some ideas and I’m hoping to get some new models to work from.

I will update my site with this painting as soon as I can get a better photo. This photo is not horrible but lighting could be better.

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