I finished my drawing, and will putting it up on my site soon.  I’m having a small debate with myself over the title. So I’m going to take some time to figure that out.

I have a bunch of hat patterns picked out for my Christmas knitting gifts.  I picked out some fun patterns that looks like they’d be fun to do even if they aren’t my style, I think maybe tween girls might be into the style though. I have some yarn already in my stash that I want to use up.  I bought some yarn before without knowing what do with it.  I want to make myself a pair of fingerless gloves to draw with, I saw another artist using them and I’m interested in trying it out.  I have some green yarn that may work, or I might just use my left over bag yarn.  I sort through my stash, that’s my next step and pair yarn with patterns.  Then I have to work on a list of needles that I’ll need. My current circulars set consists of one fixed and a whole set of interchangeable, though I know I’ll need some more fixed 16″ for some of the hats.  A few of the hats actually use 24″ circulars, so I should already have that covered. 

I need to start work on my new drawing, I have the paper taped down, and the reference photo picked out (though I am waiting on a higher resolution copy).  I can still start my sketch with the copy I have now. 


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