I’m going to be taking down some art work on my site.  I may take down some older work and take down some successful work.  I’m going to slowly start working on taking away all non-colored pencil I think.  Unless I go back to working with charcoal and pencil.  Some things just don’t need to be up.

I finished the first of the Christmas hats, I’ll need to do at least 8, maybe 9.  So it’s good that I’m starting early I have a few patterns to work with.  I’ll probably end up making one or two from each pattern but I’ll make them different colors.  I have enough needles for 4 different patterns and I can work with that but I need all the needles for the more masculine hats I want to make.  I took me less than a week to make one hat so I have plenty of time to pace myself and take my time on it. For the next few days I’ll probably take a break from knitting and focus on my drawing.  The hand I started doesn’t look too bad, I just need to get back to work.

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