Math stress

I am having this internal battle right now.  I know that maybe the math we have could work out.  If we just come back to it tomorrow and try again.  But the anxiety has me feeling like I need to fix this now, I should list it for sale on ebay and try something else.  Of course right now it looks like I’m running out of something else though.  The regular Calvert Math also switches to a hard cover text book this year.  Which is a big part of the Mini Riceball anxiety, and we’ve tried samples of some other kinds of math and they didn’t work out.  Also not to mention that buying Calvert Math it self is a bit ridiculous now, since the price increased so much.  I don’t know math is going to need to change again next year even if we stick with Math in Focus since the price has gone up it’s not feeling worth it anymore.  I need to explore other options.  Maybe I should see about picking up some review workbooks, while I figure this out.

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