Leia Hat (1) I’m working on Mini Riceball’s Princess Leia hat. I’m using the pattern from the Knits for Nerds book.  I noticed a small mistake in the pattern but was able to figure out what it should of said and adjust for it.  I also slightly adjust the decrease just because I thought it would better.  I did miss a stitch when I was casting off but was able to sew it back in to the top.  It doesn’t look that noticeable.  You’d really have to know what you are looking for to see it, it’s not super obvious.  Though it does drive me a little bonkers, I have this obsessive need for everything I knit to be perfect.  I thought the hat was a little small and would have made it longer than I already did.  I ended up giving an extra half an inch to the length, would have given at least a full inch or more extra. MIni Riceball says it’s perfect though. So now I have to start working on the buns.  I think I’ll look for some stuffing today.  I want to alter the bun tubes slightly to be tubes rather than flat that you stitch.  I’d like to just not have the seam.  Though I think I may have to stuff them as I go.  I’m not sure though.  To me it seems like it would be easier to knit in the round than it would be to stitch the seam after.
I may need more yarn and if I do I’ll order some superwash merino too.  I had an allergic reaction to the Lion Brand kind, so I’m curious am I allergic to all superwash merino or just Lion Brand. I’ll use it for a Christmas gift hat (for an adult) that way if I’m allergic someone still gets a great hat.  I know I’m not allergic to Wool of the Andes now.  That worked out great, I think it’s softer than the reviews I was reading said too. I really like the feel of this. I wonder if the superwash effects the yarn at all, do they treat it with something that I could be allergic to?  I’m also going to be trying out a wool blend after Christmas for a hat for me, so another chance to see what I can handle.

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