Somehow I”m still debating my blogging decisions.  I decided to use the Riceball Mommy blog because I really like the Riceball Mommy name, and I like being able to use Mini Riceball.  Of course now I’m second guessing it.  Maybe I could still write about everything on my this blog and use my name. I could probably still use Mini Riceball, and could probably even tie in the whole riceball thing too. I’m not sure now. I even joined a blogging event thing that I’d have to change my link for now. Arg.

I just imported all my Riceball Mommy blog posts and I’m playing around with this seeing what I can do to make this work better for me. I am playing with themes and headers right now.  I have a default header in place right now but I think I like the theme.  I could probably do something really interesting with the header.  I’m not sure.  I want a place to blog about everything, homeschooling, video games, knitting and art.  I don’t want to create a strict art blog though because then I seem to neglect that one.  I also push myself to hard to update it. I’d like the blog I use to reflect well on me professionally but also to still be personal.  I’m just unsure.

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