I finished my drawing, and will putting it up on my site soon.  I’m having a small debate with myself over the title. So I’m going to take some time to figure that out.

I have a bunch of hat patterns picked out for my Christmas knitting gifts.  I picked out some fun patterns that looks like they’d be fun to do even if they aren’t my style, I think maybe tween girls might be into the style though. I have some yarn already in my stash that I want to use up.  I bought some yarn before without knowing what do with it.  I want to make myself a pair of fingerless gloves to draw with, I saw another artist using them and I’m interested in trying it out.  I have some green yarn that may work, or I might just use my left over bag yarn.  I sort through my stash, that’s my next step and pair yarn with patterns.  Then I have to work on a list of needles that I’ll need. My current circulars set consists of one fixed and a whole set of interchangeable, though I know I’ll need some more fixed 16″ for some of the hats.  A few of the hats actually use 24″ circulars, so I should already have that covered. 

I need to start work on my new drawing, I have the paper taped down, and the reference photo picked out (though I am waiting on a higher resolution copy).  I can still start my sketch with the copy I have now. 


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Blogging updates

I had a bit of a revelation. I enjoy blogging about a lot of things, which really fits this blog perfectly. Though just blogging strictly about my art isn’t really working out. It seems I got more feedback on work in progress when I just posted directly to Facebook. Sometimes it seems like a bit of a chore to update that blog too. When I’m excited about something I have Facebook and forums to post to, and get feedback from. So I think I’ll be blogging here from now on and just taking down my blog links on my site. I’m still going to keep that blog up. I may end up switching my site to WordPress. I feel like my site needs an update, it’s not horrible. I was just looking up an amazing artist yesterday and their site really wasn’t good. It was hard to navigate and counter-intuitive with it’s interface. So I suppose my simplicity though not optimal or up to date is still better than some. I’ve updated my site with a new painting, and as soon as I get some good outside lighting I’m going to update with a new mixed media piece. (http://jessicamckelvin.com) I’m feeling a real passion for my drawing now too and I’m hoping to get more work done on that today. I may even finish in the next few days. I almost completely finished the second figure’s face yesterday.
I have so many books I want to read and I’ve been trying to make more time for reading. Also I think is as good a time as any to get started on my Christmas Knitting projects. I know it’s a bit early to be thinking about Christmas but it’s just next on my gift giving list. Also I have quite a few hats I want to make. Last year I gave a bunch of the kids scarves and this year I’d like to give them hats. I’m going to have to figure out a good schedule for getting everything done though. I want to read, play video games, work on my art, knit, get school done, do fun things with Mini Riceball, and get housework done. I have to find a way to make time for it all without neglecting anything. It was so easy to neglect my art in favor of other things when I was in my funk but now I have the passion back and I really want to nurture that.

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(17)I’m finally back to work on my drawing I feel like I’m mostly done with the first figure I might need to clean up a few things in the neck but pretty much solid now, I need a bit more blending in a few areas.  Shouldn’t take long for that.  I’m starting to devote more time to the second figure.  The shadow on the right side of the forehead is not dark enough but otherwise I’m mostly happy with it. I also finished filling in the hat.

Right now I’m a bit conflicted over my painting.  I like it, on it’s own.  Compared to my other work it doesn’t fit.  I don’t like how it fits in to my site. I probably shouldn’t have put it up but right now it feels like a win to have something completed and up.  Maybe when I finish this, I’ll take it down.  Or maybe I’ll rework my site.  Changing the site is a lot of work that I don’t think I’m ready to invest right now, though.  Especially just for one painting.  I don’t know maybe painting is not my thing.  I have a ton of canvases and a beautiful wash that I really want to use.  Of course I have a piece of an older work that could itself to a future collage. I’m also starting to wonder if colored pencil would work at all on canvas.  I used canvas paper once for a drawing but I had a hard surface under it. I suspect canvas would have to much give.

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Finished painting

10Baby Penguin is finished, when I took the photo I wasn’t sure but now I’ve sat with it for a few days.  I’m relatively happy with it.  I got to experiment with it. It also didn’t take long to finish.  Right now I prefer my work in colored pencil to oil paint but I still think oil painting is worth doing.  It’s fun, and I take a bit more a loose style.  I work much faster too so it’s nice to just be able to say I’ve finished something.  My drawing is still a work in progress.  I’ve let a few days lapse without working, and I did get fixated on this too.  I’m hoping to get some more work done tonight and I’m hoping to get into a new drawing soon.  I’ve found some inspiration and I’m very excited.  I’m also soon going to start looking into new possibilities of models soon. I have some ideas and I’m hoping to get some new models to work from.

I will update my site with this painting as soon as I can get a better photo. This photo is not horrible but lighting could be better.

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9 (16)
I retook some progress shots of Baby Penguin and the other piece I’m working on (haven’t thought of a title yet). I’m happy with both so far thought I am a little lost when it comes to baby penguin.  I’m not sure how to progress from here.  I like it but the background has me at a loss.  It’s also my first painting in forever, and I really like how different my painting style is from my drawing.  It’s more loose and the color is more vivid or maybe that’s what I’m going for with this painting.  I’m not exactly sure yet.  The more I look at the dark area where I wiped away the paint the more I think that may make a good background.  Kind of a blend of the black of the costume and the darkness that is actually in the reference photo.  Of course I’m also lost because my reference photo was limited so now I’m just filling it in on my own. Which is new for me.  A lot of that painting is new for me.  I have another idea for a painting I’d love to start, but I also really want to get back to my drawing.  I only have one drawing board right now and I’d like to start a new colored pencil piece.

I’m only wanting to work on another painting though because I have the paint on palette and I don’t want it to try out.  I should probably work on my drawing tonight though because I want to.  I should follow my instincts and my passions.  I can’t make this “work” again.  I need to push myself to keep going but with out taking the joy and passion of the equation.

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Baby Penguin progress


The first photo is where I left off, I was generally happy with the eyes but was lost with the background and the forehead was wrong.


Here it is now, after I picked it back up tonight.  I had sketched on it a bit and gessoed over part of the face.  Right now this is about what I have with the reference. This photo is pretty terrible though I need to wait for some better lighting to take another photo.  I’m happy with the progress.  The dark smear is where I started to add the black from the penguin suit but I’m not sure I like it so I wiped it off.  I’m still not sure what I’m doing with the background but I like the face more than I did.

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(15)I was able to get some more filled in and the photo isn’t too bad I am getting a bit of glare on the top but it’s mostly accurate. From a distance the ear looks better than I thought.  I haven’t been working that long on it tonight but my hand is cramping and my supplies are low. I’m starting to itch more to work on Baby Penguin. I may set up my palette tonight.  I may finish the face before I start exploring the background. I don’t experiment enough.  I get afraid of messing up something good and then not going for anything new.  I’m breaking from that with Baby Penguin.  I like the face but I can always take a photo of the face and make a print of just that if the greater part of the composition doesn’t work out.  I could also eventually experiment with cutting up canvas for a collage.  I already cut up a drawing so I have a piece of another that I could add to it somehow.

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