(14)I finally started on the second figure, and so far I’m happy with the progress.  I’m obviously not finished with the first figure but it feels good to move around the composition a little.  For the first time in awhile I had to drag myself away from this to make sure I get other things done.  I had to edit the photo a bit to try to get the colors a bit more true to life, I may take another photo in better light tomorrow.  I’ve been back reading forums again and may start posting especially with this.  I wish I wouldn’t have spent so much time in between working on this.  Right now I’m filled with so much inspiration though.  I’m excited about this again too.  I need to get the first figure a little more solid though, I really like the eye in the second figure a few of the shadows are looking odd but I feel good about it. 

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(13)It has taken me forever to get here but I’m finally progressing on this piece and I’m feeling really good about it. I got a good bit sketched in today, and I have the dimensions mostly finalized.  I like figuring out the dimensions after I start working though that really doesn’t lend itself well to canvas work.  Which is the dilemma I’m having with Baby Penguin.  I don’t just want to extend beyond the frame with that.  I want to find a new way to fill that space. I added some more shadow to the left side of the cheek but I don’t think it’s fully reading as there in the photo.  Maybe I need to go back in and darken it a a bit.  The right side of the face looks great I just need the left side to match it.  I need to finalize a bit more the second figure but at least I got a bit more sketched in.

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Moving forward


(12)My art is creating some beautiful that I love just to erase and do it over again.


I get anxiety in the anticipation of working. Working on my drawing fills me with stress, I’m striving for perfection but I need to just move forward. I’m filling in more of the face, my back aches and I’m uncertain of the second figure’s nose.  Though in the photo it doesn’t look that off. I’m just now figuring out what is holding me back. I’m afraid to fail. If I don’t finish I might as well fail though. I’m also going into some new territory which I’m excited about. I’m hoping to get some new reference photos myself of different people in person soon.  I want to work with different people.  I haven’t done a self portrait in while either but I think I’m going to do some small ones soon.  I want to do some small quick work, and I’m trying to think through the paintings I have started.  I may do some digital sketching soon with my works in progress. I need to adjust some things on this drawing though but otherwise I’m liking the progress.  I’m not happy with how slow it is going but my anxiety is still there.  I need to push through it.  Finally the ideas are coming again and I need to embrace some of those. I need to get some supplies.

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Math worries

*I’ve been posting about my art on my other blog: https://jessicamckelvin.wordpress.com/ *

As we get closer to the end of 3rd grade math I’m starting to worry about moving on into something different.  I suppose if it doesn’t work out, there are plenty of workbooks I can get to review and introduce new concepts while I look for something new.  I’m not completely happy with Calvert Math, but it’s what we’ve been using since the beginning so it’s familiar and comfortable.  Though sometimes it feels like it throws us into a concept with no explanation.  We’ll be switching to Math in Focus through Calvert and just from looking through I like the full color text book.  It also looks like we’ll be able to resell the text book since it’s not the kind you write in which is nice.  I may want to start a math notebook though.  The spiral notebooks are seeming like a better idea than folders of papers.  So I’m going to switching some folders out next year.  We’ll still have a science notebook and journal, but I’ll be adding one spelling and math. By next year I just mean when those particular subjects make their transition.  With spelling that will be in the fall, and math, should be in a month or so.  Science will be as soon as I finish planning.  I’ll just have to start looking out for good notebook sales rather than folder sales. I already have a few notebooks set aside from the last school supply sale, so I’m ahead of the game.
Math will be fine, but what I do is worry so I suppose I just needed to get that out there.  No matter what if we like it, it we don’t it will be fine.  We’ll work through 4th grade and either keep it or move on to something new.

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Working again

DSC00564 DSC00566 DSC00567 DSC00568Though this time I have no updates about my drawing or my painting, and that’s ok.  I’m trying something new rather than working on one thing until it’s done and then moving on to another I’m allowing myself to have multiple pieces.  It’s great because I can finally act on the inspiration I’ve had in my head.  Especially since it expanded tonight. I prepped some canvases.  One of those will go to Mini Riceball we’ll be doing some mother/daughter painting tomorrow.  I took a photo of the fish in Swimming in Emotion because I’m not happy with the face but I love the fish.  The fish connects to a memory for me.  So I’d much rather see it represented in something more.  A better drawing, a better painting maybe a mixed media collage. I also had an idea to use the silhouette after I cut it out.  I may play with it tomorrow.  I also have a bunch of reference photos that I need to edit, and sort.  I’m excited about the work I’ve done tonight even if I don’t have much to show for it. Also I opened my supply box for the first time in awhile and I completely forgot about some of the supplies I had.  It’s been too long.  Tomorrow I’ll be working in paint though so they’ll get some use.  Maybe I’ll work on Baby Penguin too.


I’m still not sure how to handle the whole blogging thing.  I post a lot as Riceball Mommy online, in forums, blogs etc.  So it’s hard to walk away from that blog. But it may be that I just need to keep Riceball Mommy in the forums and use this profile more.  I’m still not sure. I could just as easily change a few links and start using Riceball Mommy full time, maybe just change the banner.  This is probably the best option for my art.  It is a lot of website editing to change this, also the web address here already matches my business cards.  I’m not sure if I’m ready to give up on my other blog though.  Maybe I’ll keep them both for awhile though.

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Keeping it up

(11)I worked on this again tonight, no major accomplishments but I did start working on the second figure.  I may switch to my painting in a few days I’m really itching to paint again I also have to resolve what I’m going to do with the background. I just noticed that I need to darken the one cheek a bit, it show as much shadow as I need it to.  I think that will help give more dimension and the right cheek is looking less massive now that I have some distance.  I had to stop working tonight because I’m feeling a bit distracted and I got a bit overwhelmed working on it. I’m trying to add some more color to the shadows.  I still have trouble adding black, after going through high school with it being outlawed from our paint palettes.  I was just thinking too about how I used to go overboard with color and had a hard time getting skin tones.  Now I kind of want to explore that colorful aspect again in my work. I really want to finish my two in progress works but I may start a third before I’m done.  Maybe something quick just a few hours maybe set myself a timer and be done when the alarm sounds.  It will be an interesting experiment.  Who knows maybe I could do one of those 30 day art challenges that way.  Start a piece in a time limit each day and just finish when the timer goes off.



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Finally some progess

(10)I’ve finally moved past just thinking about working on my art I am working on my art.  Hopefully I can keep this going and work tomorrow as well.  I’ve thought of some pieces to work on soon.  I want to do some research first.  I’m seeing a lot of art nouveau inspired work lately.  Most in the fan art but I think maybe I want to explore that more.  I should get back to that Khan Academy course on art history. I was always so inspired while I was in an art history class and I really developed my passion then.  I got kind of stuck in my research and then everything just came down with it.  I’ll have to do a bit of fan art myself soon, by request.  I think that’s what really pushed me to pick this piece back up.  I need to work past this block.  If I can I have two unfinished pieces I can complete (this one included).  I want to put a bit more research into my latest idea.  I did so many self portraits before but then I haven’t done any in awhile and I think I really need some self reflection right now. I have Mucha’s Seasons stuck in my head right now, thanks to Megan Lara she’s doing a beautiful version of the series with Disney Princesses.  I’m thinking of exploring a bit more illustration to my work.  Maybe I’ll take some inspirations from Karen Hallion too and use the Haunted Mansion as inspiration. Though I think if I do that I have to credit Jenny Lawson as well: “Smile despite the crocodile” is from her blog. That’s in my head a lot.

This photo was taken at an angle, and the colors are close but a bit off.



*I’m going to cross-post this to my other blog.  Still not sure if I’m keeping it or not so we’ll see how this goes for while.  I need to get back into a good work schedule and then I’ll figure out the blog situation.

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